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10 Amazing Islands of Thailand

Trat is the last Thaniland's Eastern Province that owns a number of islands and long coastline. Due to its fascinating beauty, Trat is called "the Andaman of the Eastern Sea". Although it is only a small province at the border comprising 6 districts and 2 sub-districts., Trat's outstanding sea and nature enhance the province to the high business growth. Nevertheless, Trat still has many pristine attractions that are not yet popular among tourists. Located not very far from Bangkok, it is quite convenient to visit Trat all by car, by bus and by air.
How to get there
By car 1. Take the Highway 3 (Bangna-Trat) pass Chonburi, Royong, Chantaburi. After that cross Welu River and enter Trat at Amphoe Khao Saming. The total distance is 385 kilometers 2. Take the Highway 3 (Bangna-Trat) and turn left into the highway 344 - Chonburi-Ban Beung-Klaeng). When you reach Amphoe Klaean, turn left into the Highway 3 again. passing Chantaburi untill you reach Trat. The total distance is 385 kilometers and it takes about 4-5 hours. By bus 1. Ekkamai Bus Station operates the first class and second class air-conditioned bus, as well as regular bus during daytime and nighttime. The journey takes about 5 hours. Transport Co. Ltd: 0 2391 8097, 0 2382 2098, 0 3951 1986 Chok Anukul Tour: 0 2392 7680 , 0 3951 1587 Ekkamai Bus Terminal 0 2382 2097 2. Mochit Bus Terminal : First-class air - conditioned bus but not so frequent as at Ekkami Bus Terminal. Suparat tour : 0 2936 3939 , 0 2936 3388 Cherd Chai Tour : 0 3951 1062 , 0 2936 0199 Mo Chit Bus Terminal : 0 2936 2853 By Air : Bangkok Airways operates daily flights of Bangkok-Trat-Bangkok everyday. The journey takes only 50 minutes. Bangkok Airways : 0 2265 5555
Surat Thani
Surat Thani literally means "City of the Good People" and is the former seat of the Srivijaya Empire. It is the largest province of the South, covering an area of 12,891 square kilometres and bordered by the Gulf of Thailand to the north and the east. Surat Thani is located 644 kms. from Bangkok. The topography includes a high plateau and forested mountains to the west, and low basins in the center and along the eastern coast. There are a tremendous number of island along the coast.
How to get there
By trainThe Surat Thani train station, despite its name, is located in Phunphin district, about 12km west of the town center. Most comfortable are the overnight trains from Bangkok, which arrive in early morning. There are always many who try to catch the tourists and sell them trips to Surat or the islands directly - usually the most aggressive sellers are the most expensive. However, it's not a big problem to reach a 'Surat Thani City' from Phunphin district - 'Surathani' railway station - by municipal bus (departure every 30 mins) from the train station building. It costs only 20 baht. Taxis from Phunphin to Surat Thani City are around 150-200 baht.
By bus The Surat Thani new bus terminal is located a bit outside the city; however if you plan to go directly into the city, it is usually possible to ask for a stop before. The old bus terminal in the middle of city is now frequented only by some private buses, which are however much more risky than the government buses. There are many bus companies from Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok to Surat Thani Bus terminal. If you are coming from Phuket, it takes about 6 hours to reach Surat Thani. Connexions by bus, tuk-tuk, or Songthaew from the bus terminal to the main town are available.
If you are arriving at the train station, and your plans call for transit to Phuket, buses depart every few hours, until about 3:30pm. The ticket price is very reasonable by Western standards. Travel time is three to four hours. The bus departure area is about 100 meters away from the train station. For specific directions, just ask the representative at the railroad information desk.
By boat  You can take the ferry from any of the islands nearby, taking about an hour. There is food on board and movies as well.
From islands such as Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao a ferry ride takes between 7 and 9 hours depending on whether you take the fast or slow boat. The Slow boat from Ko Tao is overnight and features matresses for sleeping. The skipper is especially friendly.
The ride will generally cost between 500 and 600 Baht depending on the season. Be wary of black market tickets as people will try to sell you tickets for over 2000baht promising food and dvd's included in the price.
Always go to a TAT approved travel agency.

Trang is the one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand, at the western shore of the Malay Peninsula to the Andaman Sea. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung and Satun.
Trang used to be a port involved in foreign trade. It was the first city where rubber was planted. Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi brought rubber from Malaysia and planted it here before anywhere else in southern Thailand in 1899. Rubber is now considered an important commodity of Thailand. The important Trang River flows through the province from its origin in the Khao Luang mountain range and the Palian River from the Banthat mountain range. Trang province has an area of approximately 5,000 square km.
How to get there
Air Trang has its own airport 7 km. away from Mueang district . Nok air and One-Two Go airline operate daily flight to Trang Airport.
Trang is one of the southern destinations offering a train routes to Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong central station starting from Thung Song Station in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, this south-western route passes Huay Yod station to Muang station and end at Kan Tang terminal in Trang.
Road Major road to and from Trang are:
1.   Highway No. 4 (Bangkok-Chumphon) to Highway No. 41 (Surat Thani-Thung Song- Huai Yot-Trang), total distance of 828 kilometres.
2.   Highway No. 4 (Bangkok-Chumphon) to Ranong-Phang-nga-Krabi-Trang, total distance of 1,020 kilometres.
3.   Highway No. 404-416 (Satun-Palian-Trang), total distance of 140 kilometres.
4.   Highway No. 4-407 (Hat Yai-Phatthalung-Trang), total distance of 148 kilometres.
5.   Highway No. 4-402 (Phuket-Phang-nga-Krabi-Trang), total distance of 312 kilometres.
Passenger Vans
These vans ply between Trang and neighbouring provinces on a regular basis.
Tuk Tuk The most popular small vehicle in Trang city, this car have 3 wheels for carry passenger to around Trang city.
Songthaew (public passenger pick-up vehicles)
Songthaew are the most popular form of local public transportation around both the town and rural areas.
There are buses to and from Trang to Bangkok and main province (Phuket, HatYai, Nakornsrithammarat and Satun in the south.
Boats to islands
Trang has 4 main piers for boats to the islands, they are Pak Meng Pier, Ban Chao Mai Pier, Klong Son Pier and Kuan Thung Kuu Pier.
Satun is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Trang, Phatthalung and Songkhla. To the south it borders Perlis of Malaysia.
Satun is one of the four provinces of Thailand which have a Muslim majority: 67.8% are Muslim and 31.9% are Buddhists. Most of the Muslims have some ethnic-Malay ancestry, though only 9.9% of the population claims to be ethnically Malay. The Malay dialect used in Satun is distinctly different from Pattani Malay and is much closer to the Kedah dialect of Malay, with a significant admixture of Thai influences.
Since Satun had belonged to the Kedah Sultanate, which had a strong relationship with both Ayutthaya and Siam under the Chakri dynasty, its Malay Muslims commonly intermarry with Thai Buddhists without serious religious hesitation. This custom has created a distinct social group known as Samsam, meaning a mixed person. Most Samsams, if not all, are Muslims.
Unlike the other Muslim majority provinces in Thailand, Satun does not have a history of political confrontation with the central power in Bangkok or of tension with the Buddhist population which makes up the majority of Thailand as a country.  Malay Muslims in Satun are substantially assimilated and rarely sympathise with separatism from Thailand, in contrast to the Malay Muslims in Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala.
How to get there
By plane
from Bangkok to HatYai than minivan , bus , or taxi to Satun ..
By train
Bangkok - HatYai or Bangkok - Trang And take a bus from Had Yai or Trang to Satun
By bus
Bangkok - Satun .. Hatyai -Satun
Express buses to Kangar leave hourly from Butterworth (RM10.40, 2 hours 15 min). Then, head to Kangar city bus terminal from express bus terminal and take Mara Liner's Kuala Perlis bound bus (RM1.50, 35 min) to the jetty. This kind of city bound bus departure is infrequent and it is always good to plan ahead, the approximate departure time is 11:45, 13:15, 14:45 and 16:45.
The journey can only to be continued with long tail boat from Kuala Perlis's Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) jetty, which is about 200m further of the Langkawi bound jetty.
Upon reaching Satun Tammalang pier, take red Songtheaw to Satun town (30B, 10 min). The songtheaw is most probably available when ferry arrives. If you are stuck in the middle of waiting songtheaw, motorcycle taxi is another option, although is most costly (60B).
By car
To travel by car from Malaysia, first take the road from Kangar towards Padang Besar and take a left turn towards Wang Kelian approximately 8 km before reaching Padang Besar. Pass the border checkpoints of Wang Kelian on the Malaysia side and of Wan Pra Chan on the Thailand side. You may want to stop at the morning market at the border area for some fresh fruits and vegetables. Drive pass some scenic mountains on the way to Khuang Don and take a left turn towards Satun town. On the way you will pass by the town of Chalung. The trip from the border check points takes about 90 minutes.
By boat
Langkawi Ferry has 4 daily services between Langkawi, Malaysia and Satun. No reservations are possible, just show up. The trip takes 1:15 and the fare is 300 baht/RM 30 one-way.
Kuala Perlis Fisherman's Boat - Kuala Perlis situated on Peninsular Malaysia. Gateway to Langkawi, and Satun. No reservations are possible, just show up. Stay a night at Putra Brasmana Hotel and take a trip cruising the Perlis river to the pier. From there, take long tail boat to Satun. The trip takes 45 minutes and and the fare is 150 baht / RM15 one-way. Feel the different!
1 Koh Kham - The Island with Wondrous Volcanic Rocks
Location : about 1km or 10 minutes northwestward of Ao Suan Yai, Koh Mak
Koh Kham is one of the nine small and private minor islands of Koh Mak. It has wonderful white, fine sandy beach stretching about 300m long at the front, and the 500-meter-long sand bar that will appear only when the tide gets low. Its most unique feature, however, are countless black volcano rocks that scatter all around the sandy beach. Of all the islands in Trat, only Koh Kham has there volcano rocks. Archeologists believe that this area used to be a crater billions years ago. Although Koh Kham is just a small island, it is known as “the Emerald of Trat Sea” from its very clean and clear sea around the island. The beach at the front is a wonderful and safe swimming area. Along the beach are lines of coconut trees with pleasant and quiet atmosphere.
Explore the eastern beach  the eastern side of the island is a fine beach with gradual slope and very clear sea. It is one of the most fantastic spot to swim and lie sown under the sun. Scattered around the beach front are innumerable natural volcano rocks, and when the tide is low the white sand bar will appear like a wonderful path to as far as Laem Tian of Koh Mak. Moreover, this beach is also a marvelous sunrise view spot, but that means that you need to stay over at this island and wake up really early.
Dive at the southern beach

the southern beach is considered the front beach since it is right opposite to Ao Suan Yai of Koh Mak. From this spot, you can undoubtedly see Koh Mak very clearly. The beach is the south is approximately 300m long, and it has gentle slope and clear sea as well. The beach is also nice for a swim and sunbath, but its most fascinating point is simply out of sight from the land, since there are various kinds of coral reefs growing right under in front of this beach. Therefore, many tourists love to come diving here by renting a snorkel from the resort on the beach.
Kayak around Koh Kham
After having enough with swimming and diving, resorts at Koh Kham also has some kayaks for those who would like to make a kayak tour around the island. The back of Koh Kham are wondrous mountains and cliffs, and you can even kayak to as far as Ao Suan Yai Koh Mak.
Capture spectacular scenery
There is a spectacular view spot around 100m or 10 minutes up on the hill in the west, which can be reached on foot from the beach. From this point, ones can see impressive scenery of Trat Sea together with the most fantastic sunset scenery of Koh Kham. However, an able guide and a torchlight are recommended since the route is pretty rough and dark after sunset.

Koh Mak : Located about 1km or 10 minutes away by motorboat from Koh Kham is Koh Mak. To get there, you can hire motorboat from Koh Kham or ride a passenger boat from Laem Ngob Pier. Most of the area from the shore to the center of Koh Mak are steep hills, except at the northwestern and western parts which are flat areas along the shore. It is this place where most resorts and bungalows are situated. Koh Mak nowadays is one of the important islands in the middle of Trat Sea, for its outstanding nature, friendly people, and tranquil surroundings. Followings are some popular beaches at Koh Mak.
Ao Suan Yai : Located in the northwest of Koh Mak, Ao Suan Yai is the longest and most beautiful beach of Koh Mak. The water is crystal clear and the beach is white-powdered sand, a very fine swimming place. From the beach, you can see Koh Chang, Koh Phi and Koh Kham, which can be reached by motorboat within 10-15 minutes. Along Ao Suan Yai are post office, public telephones, and many restaurant and resort.
Ao Nid : Ao Nid is the center of transportation because it also serves as the island’s port, so you can rent the boat to visit Mu Koh Mak and Koh Kood here. Although Ao Nid is not an outstandingly beautiful beach, it faces east and therefore is Koh Mak’s most fantastic sunset viewspot.
Ao Na Nok : Ao Na Nok (or Ao Ban Yai) is a beach located further from Laem Tukta in the southwest of Koh Mak. The beach is clean and fine for a swim. Moreover, from this spot, you can also walk further to Ao Lazy beach and Holiday Beach, or ever charter a boat to Koh Rayang Nok and Koh Rayang Nai which are only about 10 minutes away.
Ao Khao : Located in the west of Koh Mak is Ao Khao, a bay close to Ao Na Nok. It is a place with very beautiful surroundings and impressive scenery, especially during sunset.
Ao Phai-Laem Kradun : Located in the east of Koh Mak, Ao Phai is a reddish sandy beach full with coconut trees. Being a fisherman village, the place is pretty quite but not suitable for swimming. If you are looking for a fishing spot, however, Laem Kradun, a cape near this bay, could be an interesting choice.
Accommodation : There is only one resort at Koh Kham, Koh Kham Resort has some lovely bungalows under the shade of trees and amidst truly natural and peaceful atmosphere. For more details, please contact Koh Kham Resort.
Koh Kham Resort : 0 3950 1144, 0 1303 1229, 0 1916 6536 or
To get there : After you have arrived Trat province, charter a bus to Kromluang chumphon Pier in Laem Nhob district. There the boats of Koh Kham Resort will be waiting. The journey to the island takes about 1.5 hour. If you are at Koh Mak, you can just hire a motorboat from Koh Mak Resort at Ao Suan Yai to the island. The fee is 70 baht and the journey takes only about 10 minutes.

2 Koh Sai Khao - The Island with a Sandy Path that Stretches into the Sea
   Koh Sai Khao is a small island located toward the south of Ao Salakphet, Koh Chang. Its most delightful characteristic is the white sand bar that stretches into the sea for many hundreds meters during the low tide.
Location : About 5 minutes by speedboat toward the south of Ao Salakphet, Koh Chang
Koh Sai Khao (meaning white sand island) is a small and beautiful island with an amazing feature and a marvelous sight; they are very fine and white sand that is said to be the best of Trat Province, and the sand bar that stretches out like a cape toward the emerald sea. During low tide, such a large sand bar will appear with the length of almost about 100m. From the cape further into the island is a shady area under the lines of coconut palms where the resort is located. Other remaining area is of high mountains amidst the rich jungle. Koh Sai Khao is a good choice for those who wish to make a short and easy trip, since it is located not far from Koh Chang and other islands.

Stroll along the while sandy path: Apart from the one and only sandy beach in the northeast, the major attraction of the island is the natural sandy path that extends hundreds of meters long into the sea during the low tide. At that time, the beach will be exceptionally wide and you may enjoy your peaceful time strolling, reading or playing football. It is totally your world.
Kayak around the island : Bored of lying and walking around? Try a kayak trip around the island. Tourists could rent a kayak from the resort and row near Ao Salakphet, around the island, or even to Koh Phrao Nai which is located right opposite to Koh Sai Khao. Even better, today Khon Thai Talay group (a company that manages tourism-related activities at Koh Sai Khao) also offers many other activities like diving trip to Mu Koh Rang, scuba diving school, squid fishing trip, tour around Koh Lao Ya, etc.
Explore the island on foot: Koh Sai Khao has a walking path around the island that makes a pretty nice trip if you are an adventurer. The road cuts pass all the resort’s bungalows to the back of the island where most of the areas are large rocks and towering cliffs. There are many spots to watch spectacular scenery of the islands, as well as the best sunset scenery the island has to offer.

Around Ao Salakphet of Koh Chang, a nearby island of Koh Sai Khao, there are many interesting islands scattered in the sea as followings. Moreover, if you are interested in these islands or any sea-related activities, you can readily contact the Khon Thai Talay group which is also located here at this famous bay.
Koh Lao Ya : Located toward the south of Koh Sai Khao, Koh Lao Ya comprises three small islands, Koh Lao Ya Nai, Koh Lao Ya Klang and Koh Lao Ya Nok. The largest island with the most outstanding nature is sea which is safe for swimming. There Is a wooden bridge built to connect Koh Lao Yai Nai and Koh Lao Ya Klang, and this is one of the famous places tourists often visit to watch scenery.
Koh Wai : Located a little bit further from Koh Lao Ya toward the south of Koh Chang, Koh Wai is a small island that owns a quiet sandy beach and a very outstanding underwater world. So it is the next destination after visiting Koh Ngam and Koh Lao Ya. With only a lifejacket and snorkel, you can experience wondrous scene of rich marine world at this island.
Koh Ngam : Located in the northeast of Koh Sai Khao is Koh Ngam. At Koh Ngam, there are actually two small islands separated by a white sand bar approximately 200m long. Similar to Koh Phi Phi in Krabi, they are usually called the little Phi Phi in the gulf of Thailand. The island does not only give marvelous scenery, but the bays along the sand bar are also very quiet and nice for swimming.
Mu Koh Rang : Mu Koh Rang is a group island scattered in the south of Koh Chang, with Koh Rang as the main island where the National Park Ranger Unit is located. These islands are pretty famous for its marine world where both snorkeling and scuba diving are all worth a try.
Accommodation : The island has only one resort called Koh Sai Khao Resort. There is all-in-one package of one or two nights, together with boat service, accommodation and food. For more information, feel free to call
Koh Sai Khao Resort : 0 3954 6468, 0 3959 9535, 0 6505 0700, 0 4778 8808
To get there : By purchasing the package tour of Koh Sai Khao Resort. You can quickly and easily get to Koh Sai Khao from Ao Salakphet at Koh Chang. Or simply contact for a rented boat at Salakphet Homestay Village which will take about 15 minutes to Koh Sai Khao. Moreover, it is also interesting to make a 4-island-tour (Koh Sai Khao-Koh Ngam-Koh Lao Ya-Koh Wai) within one day with the Khon Thai Talay group. For more details, contact Khon Thai Talay group : 0 3954 6468, 0 3959 9535, 0 6505 0700, 0 4778 8808

The island has only one resort called Koh Lao Ya Resort. There is all-in-one package of one or two nights, together with boat service, accommodation and food.Koh Sai Khao Resort : 0 39553099-100, 0 3955 3081

3 Koh Nang Yuan - The Island with the World Famous Scenery
Koh Nang Yuan is situated in the northwest of Koh Tao. Although it is not a very big island, the richness and beauty of natural resources of Koh Nang Yuan prove to be inferior to no other islands of Surat Thani. The amazing scenery of its sandy path also used to be ranked as on of the ten world best scenery.
Location : in the northwest of Koh Tao
Koh Nang Yuan is actually three small islands that stand next to Koh Tao. It is very famous for the scenery of the white sand bar that links the three islands together. This spectacular sight is similar to the famous Talay Waek of Krabi, and it appears nowhere else in the Gulf of Thailand.
Many tourists who visit Koh Nang Yuan say this is the one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world. It is not wonderful only when looked from a view spot on the high hill, but also gives fantastic sensation when you tread or lie down on its utterly fine grain of sand.
The trip to Koh Nang Yuan is often paired with Koh Tao, since they are located pretty close. It takes only around 15 minutes to ride a motorboat from Koh Nang Yuan to Koh Tao. Once you are there, it is interesting to rent a motorbike and explore the island beach by beach along the road around the island. When you finally find a nice corner of your own, enjoy your leisure time reading or simply lying on the beach or swimming in the sea as you please.

Relax on the three marvelous bays : Due to the sand bar that stretches out and links the three isles together, the three bays appear in the middle of the sea. They are all fascinating with white, fine sand and crystal clear seawater. The bays are also shallow and safe for a swim, so you can enjoy your time on the sunbed, on the beach, and in the sea here very well.

The superb diving spot in the Gulf of Thailand : The front of the three bays are so many rich coral reefs that it is considered one of the best diving spots in the Gulf of Thailand where you can very well enjoy snorkeling. Apart from that, there is also a scuba diving school at this island, and here you can arrange a diving trip around the nearby islands of Koh Tao as well.
Kayak around the island : After you have already explored the land and underwater, it is also a nice experience to kayak around the island. This is a good opportunity to see the mountains and cliffs in the north and the south of the island. If you are not a good rower, hiring a motorboat for a sightseeing trip around Koh Tao is another good option.

ATTRACTIOINS NEAR KOH NANG YUANKoh Tao : Located around 1km away from Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Tao is an island with the most beautiful shallow-water coral reef in the Gulf of Thailand. The concave shape like a mung bean creates many bays and beaches all over the island. The bay lines serve as shelters against wind and waves, which protect the coral reefs in monsoon season. It is said that Koh Tao is the heaven for both snorkelers and scuba divers, with beautiful landscape, popular among local and overseas tourists.
The famous beaches of Koh Tao are Haat Mae Haat, Haat Sai Ree, Ao Som Chan, Haat Sai Thong, Haat Chaloak Ban Kao, Ao Tian Oak, Ao Tanoat, and Laem Tian
Apart from diving, what tourists at Koh Tao love to do most is riding a motorbike or an ATV around the island to search for their favorite beach to lie down or get soaked in the sea. Moreover, it is also interesting to make a boat tour around the island in order to get to beaches that are inaccessible by car, and to trek to the beauty spots in the south of the island. The most famous view spot is called John-Suwan view spot, from which ones can see marvelous scenery of the both sides of Koh Tao, Ao Chaloak Ban Kao on the left and Ao Tian Oak on the right.

Koh Nang Yuan has only one resort called Koh Nang Yuan Dive Resort. It offers many kinds of rooms and bungalows, both fan and air-conditioned, as well as a restaurant, a diving center with full equipment, and a diving school. Moreover, if you want to travel further to Koh Tao and other islands, Koh Nang Yuan Dive Resort also has boat service and could help with the boat-bus ticket reservation back to Bangkok.
Koh Nang Yuan Dive Resort: 0 2885 9531-2, 0 7745 6088-93

1. From Ao Makham Noi pier in Chumphon: From Ao Makham Noi pier in Chumphon, you can ride a high-speed catamaran of Lomprayah company to the island within 1.30 hour. Most of the tourists from Bangkok choose to buy a traveling package of this company, since it already covers everything, from the bus fare, boat fare, food, and accommodation on the island. The speedboat leaves Ao Makham Noi pier in Chumphon twice a day at 07.00am and 01.00pm.
Lpmprayah High Speed Catamaran: (Bangkok) 0 2629 2569-72, (Chumphon) 0 7755 8212-3
(Koh Tao) 0 7745 6176, 0 7745 6785-6
(Koh Pha Ngan) 0 7723 8412

(Koh Samui) 0 7724 7146, 07724 7401
2. From Tha Yang pier in Chuphon: Tha Yang pier in Chumphon is the pier of Ekkawin Tour. You can find speedboat, ferry, and sleep boat to many islands in the Gulf of Thailand here. The boat also leaves twice a day at 07.00am and 01.00pm.
Ekkawin Tour: (Bangkok) 0 2629 4598-9
(Chumphon) 0 7750 1821, 0 7750 3567
3. Song Serm Rung Reung Company has two piers, Pak Nam Tha Thong pier in Surat Thani and Pak Nam Chumphon in Chumphon. The boat leaves at 08.00am and 03.00pm respectively. For more information, contact
Song Serm Rung Reung Company: (Bangkok) 0 2280 8073, (Surat Thani) 0 7720 5418, 0 7728 9894

4 Koh Wua Ta Lap - The Island with the View of Hundred Isles
Location : in Mu Koh Ang Thong National Marine Park, approximately 20 km westward of Koh Samui

Declared as the 2nd national marine park of Thailand, Mu Koh Ang Thong comprises 42 islands of various sizes. Covering approximately, the park is full of fascinating beaches, caves, coral reefs and abundant marine resources. Many oddly shaped islands, sheer limestone cliffs and hidden lagoons can also be found here. The islands tourists often visit are Koh Wua Ta Lap, Koh Mae Koh, Koh Sam Sao, Koh Hin Dab, Koh Pa Loui, Koh Nai Phut, Koh Tai Plao, and Koh wua Kantang. The most important of all islands in Mu Koh Ang Thong National Marine Park is Koh Wua Ta Lap. It is the location of the national park office, and a breathtaking beauty spot on the hill. The general geographical feature in similar evergreen forest, Strand forest, and Mangrove forest with a towering limestone mountain in the middle.
Ao Kha : Located in the northeast of Koh Wua Ta Lap, Ao Kha is a small flat area where the national park office is located. The beach stretches about 200m long and is shallow enough for a safe swim. Further inside from the beach is a vast grassy ground to pitch a tent, a restaurant, and some lodging houses of the national park.
A bit further from Ao Kha is a cave called Tham Bua Bok. The small cave could be easily visited on foot from Ao Kha during the low tide. If ones want some exercise, ones might also rent a kayak from the national park office and simply row around.
Pha Salat Dai view spot : Located around 100m uphill from the back of Ao Kha, Pha Salat Dai view spot is a place visitors need to visit when coming to this island. Spend some 10 – 20 minutes walking uphill along the rough path, and you will be able to see the scenery of Ao Kha and Koh Phi from high angle very well.
Pha Chan Charat view spot : Pha Chan Charat view spot is located around 300m further from the first view spot. So you can readily continue to this spot from Pha salat Dai. However, the last part of the path is no longer easy, it is much steeper and the ground is full of sharp and uneven limestone rocks. Thus, it is a good idea to wear sneakers or hiking shoes, and to be specially careful white trekking.
Once you reach Pha Chan Charat view spot, you will be amazed with the stunning view of the islands that scatter in the sea below. On a clear day, you might even see as far as Koh Pha Ngan, a very famous island of Surat Thani.
Paphiopedilum Nursery House : Situated behind the national park office, there is an orchid nursery house that grows Paphiopedilum which is a rare specie found only at the island and its surroundings. This nursery house is built mainly to save the orchid from extinction, and it is right now open to all tourists.
Koh Mae Koh
: approxima
tely 10 minutes away toward the north or Koh Wua Ta Lap
Koh Mae Koh is an island tourists love to visit after Koh Wua Ta Lap. Its special features is a lagoon or Talay Nai (meaning inner sea) which is approximately 20m by 50m and is 20m deep. This calm and emerald lagoon is created from the erosion of the limestone tunnel, so that it is completely surrounded by towering cliffs like a crater.
Apart from the lagoon, Koh Mae Koh also has a small beach in the south and another one in the east called Ao Tham Rang.
Many tourists choose to visit Koh Mae Koh as a part of one-day-tour program from Koh Samui. Most of the boat that leaves Na Thon pier will make a stopover at this island before continuing for a diving session at Koh Tai Plao.
Koh Tai Plao
: toward the northeast of Koh Mae Koh
Koh Sam Sao is a small island that is really worth a visit. The island has a beach in the west where the national park ranger unit is situated. The white, fine sandy beach with gradual slope and crystal clear sea is superb for a swim and sunbath. At the northern tip there is a unique natural stony bridge similar to the stony archway at Koh Khai of Satun province. This bridge stretches out far into the sea, and it has a hole in the middle that ones could even row a kayak through.
Koh Tai Plao
: The farthest north of Mu Koh Ang Thong
Koh Tai Plao is the farthest island of Mu Koh Ang Thong. It is quite like Koh Nai Phut; there is no sandy beach, only some rocks scattering around, but the sea is crystal clear and the coral reefs around the island are so fascinating. Moreover, the area around Koh Tai Plao also proves to be the best for fishing. If you are interested in chartering a boat for fishing, feel free to contact the national park office for more information.

Accommodation : Around the national park office at Koh Wua Ta Lap, there are five lodging houses for tourists, a restaurant, rental kayaks, as well as a tent
ground and tents for rent. The five bungalows are for 2 – 10 persons, and room rate ranges from 400-1,400 baht/night. As for tent, there are small, medium, and large tents which cost 100, 200, and 300 baht respectively. For more details, please fell free to contact the national park office.
Mu Koh Ang Thong National Marine Park : (mainland) 0 7728 6025, 0 7728 0222 fax: 0 7728 6588
(Koh Wua Ta Lap) 0 7728 0222
To get there : There is a company that arranges a travel package around Mu Koh Ang Thong within one day. You can buy such package from the travel agency around Na Thon pier. There are boats leaving everyday and the touring package costs approximately 500 baht. If you prefer to stay overnight at Koh Wua Ta Lap, please inform the travel company or the boat driver in prior in order to make an appointment concerning the returning day.

5 Koh Similan - The island with an Amazing Sail Rock
In the middle of the Andaman Sea, there is a famous island with a large rock similar to a sail. And that is Koh Similan, one of the most brilliant island of Phang Nga province.
Location : toward the west of Phang Nga province, approximately 70km or about an hour or so by speedboat from Thap Lamu pier.
Mu Koh Similan is a group island that comprises altogether 11 islands. The islands around the area are best of Thailand. So from the national park office, you can always find a boat that is ready to take you to dive.
The word Koh Similan in Yawi language means eight, so it is also called Koh Paet (island no. 8). Being the largest island of all and the location of the national park ranger unit where you can find plenty of facilities and accommodations, Koh Similan is considered the center of transportation of the area.
Koh Similan covers an approximate area of 5 The most outstanding feature of this island is the large rock similar to the sail of a boat, which is considered the symbol of Koh Similan. Apart from Koh Similan or Koh Paet, another important island in this group island is Koh Miang or Koh Si (meaning island no. 4). This island is also the place where the national park ranger unit is situated, and it has such a marvelous marine world as well.

Ao Keuk : is located in the northwest of Koh Similan. All the boats that come to this island must stop at this bay, since it is the location of tourist information center, restaurants, tent ground, and restrooms. To the right or this beach is a beauty spot and the large sail rock, the most spectacular feature of the island.
The beach of Ao Keuk is a really white, fine sandy beach where ones can lie down on the beach, make a pleasant stroll, swim in the sea or explore the underwater world. Moreover, at the front of the beach close to the sail rock is also a wonderful place to watch sunset down the sea.
Ao Nguang Chang : is located in the east of Koh Similan. You can get there by walking further for around 1 hour from the beauty spot on the hill that is about 400m from Ao Keuk. The beach of Ao Nguang Chang has gentle slope and clear sea, but it is pretty quiet since more people prefer to stay at Ao Keuk to this distant beach.

Koh Miang or Koh Si
Located toward the west of Koh Similan, Koh Miang or Koh Si is another island that tourists love to visit and spend the night. Koh Si also has it all, the national park ranger unit, tourist information center, lodgings houses, tent ground, souvenir shops, restaurants, and telephone service. Followings are interesting things to see on Koh Si.

Haat Na : is a beach in the front of the island near the national park office. Most of the boats that come from Koh Similan will drop tourists at this beach. Here the beach is really clean and the sea is crystal clear. It is considered a very fantastic spot to swim and snorkel.
Haat Lek : is located in the east of Koh Si. From Haat Na there is a path cutting through the woods to Haat Lek. Along the way to this beach if you are lucky enough, you might encounter with a hairy-leg mountain crab or Pu Khai, a rare crab found only at Koh Si. Haat Lek is a small beach, yet it is very serene and beautiful. At the beach front there are plenty of coral reefs to see, and the sunset scenery from this spot is really impressive. Moreover, you can also find a tent ground and restrooms here, so the place is one of the favorite beaches for many foreign travelers.
Lan Kha Luang view spot : is on the hill at the back of Koh Si. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get there from the national park ranger unit. The path cuts through the woods and is fairly tough, but it is surely worth an effort. The islands ones can see from the spot are Koh Ha, Koh Hok, Koh Chet, and Koh Paet (island no. 5 – 8) scattered in the sea, which really deserves the praise breathtaking scenery. However, if you want to visit this spot, it is recommended that you set off before noon before the weather gets too hot.

Acommodation : Koh Similan (Koh Paet) has tourist information center, restaurants, tent ground, and restrooms at Ao Keuk; whereas Koh Si has the national park ranger unit, tourist information center, lodgings houses, tent ground, souvenir shops, re
staurants, and telephone service. Most tourists prefer to stay at Koh Si since there are more choices of accommodations than at Koh similan.

Mu Ko Similan National Park : 93, Mu 5, Ban Thaplamu, Phetkasem rd, Lamkaen Sub-district, Amphur Thai Muang Phangnga Thailand 82210
Tel. 0 7645 3272, Fax 0 7645 3273
Mu Koh Similan Marine National Park call: 0- 7659-5045 or 0-7641-1914

To get there : In order to get to Mu Koh Similan, tourists could board a speedboat or motorboat at Thap Lamu pier. The regular boat leaves once a day at around 08.00am and the journey usually takes about 1 hour.
For more information, please contact travel agencies.
Pro Ocean divers Similan: 0 9800 6342
Jack Similan Travel: 0 7644 3205
Caution: It is very important to note that Mu Koh Similan is open for tourists only during 15 November to 16 May.

6 Koh Kai-Thap-Mo - The Three Isles and the Perfectly Paved Talay Waek
     The name Talay Waek, which means the parting sea, derives exactly from this white sand bar that cuts across the emerald green sea. No wonder this amazing picture of Koh Kai, Koh Thap, and Koh Mo would be one of the most well-known images of Krabi province.

Location: Around 8km away from the main land at Ao Nang.
Mu Koh Poda or Poda Group Islands is under the administration of Haat Noppharat Thara-Mu Koh Phi Phi, Koh Mo and Koh Thap. The most fantastic feature of the three islands the Talay Waek or the parting sea that occurs only when the tide gets low. At that time, the amazing sight of a white, fine sand bar will appear and link the three isles together. This is a very popular attraction ones should not miss if visiting Krabi sea.
Nowadays, Koh Kai, Koh Mo and Koh Thap are currently popular destinations that can be reached by a motorboat or speedboat from Ao Nang. Moreover, plenty of coral reefs and the wonderful marine world also make these islands ideal for both snorkeling and scuba diving.

Koh Poda
Koh Poda is the largest of all the four islets in Poda Group Islands. In the
east, there is a one-kilometer-long sandy beach shady with rows of pine trees. The sea is exceptionally clean, clear and suitable for swimming whereas the beach is nice for sunbathing. Visitors may also enjoy snorkeling in the north and the east of the island, or kayaking along the beach very well.

Kho Kai
Koh Kai is also called Koh Hua Khwan or Koh Poda Nok. The rock shaped like a rooster on the limestone mountain at Koh Kai is the symbol of Krabi sea. Apart from the beauty on the land, Koh Kai also has plenty of coral reefs to appreciate in the west of the island

Koh Thap
Koh Thap is the tourist boat stop of the area. It has such a wonderful marine world in the east of the island.

Koh Mo
Koh Mo also has beautiful coral reefs around the island. Actually, these three isles in Poda Group Islands also form a spectacular sight of Talay Waek or the parting sea, which is a wondrous sand bar that appears and links the three isles together during the low tide.
1. A day around the four islands of Krabi: The four islands could be very well arranged as a one-day-tour program, which is very popular among hasty tourists. Start from Koh Kai in the west, make a stop at the famous Talay Waek or the parting sea. Spend some time sunbathing on the beach or snorkeling in the sea at Koh Thap and Koh Mo. After lunch, head for Koh Poda for a swim or a stroll along the beaches, or even a short
kayak trip. Before returning to Ao Nang, you may also make a quick stop to Ao Rai Le or even Ao Phra Nang. See how much you can do in on day!
2. 3 days 2 nights in Krabi sea and Krabi town
The first day: From the airport or hotel, make a city tour around Krabi town. Visit Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple), Susan Hoi or Fossils Shells Beach, and the beach Haat Noppharat Thara.
The second day: Get a speedboat from Ao Nang and explore Koh Kai, Koh Thap and Koh Mo. Make a stop at Koh Si (an island near Koh Kai) for a marvelous dive, and at other islands as you please.
The third day: Enjoy your leisure time relaxing on the beach or shopping in town before returning to the airport or hotel.
3. Kayaking at Ao Tha Lane-Koh Hong: Make a kayak trip around Ao Tha Lane, through rich mangrove forests, lagoons, and canyons. Appreciate the beauty of the marine world and the simple way of life of the locals. Then continue to Koh Hong and enjoy various activities there. For more information, contact: 0 6687 8096

Koh Poda
: There is a resort with restaurant on the island, Poda Island Resort There is a resort with restaurant on the island, Poda Island Resort (0 2208 9165, 0 2208 9570)
Koh Kai, Koh Thap, Koh Mo: There are no accommodations or any facilities at these three islands, except for a daytime restaurant at Koh Thap.

Most of the travel packages from tour agencies already include transportation from Krabi town to Ao Nang Pier and to the islands. However, if you are not buying them, there are private boat services from Ao Nang to Koh Poda and the three isles as well. To charter a whole narrow motorboat for a day, it usually
costs about 1,200 baht. The journey from Ao Nang to Koh Poda takes around 15 minutes by speedboat, or 30 minutes by regular motorboat.

Poda Island Resort: 0 2208 9165, 0 2208 9570, with restaurant on the island
Kayaking at Ao Tha Lane-Kho Hong: 0 6682 2961, 0 6687 8096

The Tourism Authority of Thailand Krabi Office Krabi Municipality Building 292 Maharat Road, Muang district, Krabi 81000Tel: 0-7562-2163, 0-7561-2811, 0-7561-2812, Fax: 0-7562-2164

The stunning sunset could also be seen in the evening from the very same spot.
Location : At Koh Phi P
hi Don, Ao Nang subdistrict, around 42km away from Chao Fah Port at Krabi
Mu Koh Phi Phi is a group island under Haat Nopparat Thara Natiional Park called Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Le, as well as other minor islands nearby like Koh Young, Koh Mai Pai, and Koh Pi Te. These islands are all fascinating with the beauty both on the land and under water.
Koh Phi Phi Don is the largest and the center of the group islands. So there are accommodations, restaurants, ports, and other facilities available on the island. Whereas Koh Phi Phi Le is a rocky island with only one sandy beach called Ao Maya. But the highlights of Koh Phi Phi Le are not from the beaches, but the skin diving and scuba diving spots around the island instead.

Koh Phi Phi don: At Koh Phi Phi Don, you may enjoy strolling or swimming at the beaches around the island, and skin diving at Ao Ton Sai, Ao Nui, Ao Yong Ka Sem, Ao Pak Nam, or Ao Lan Ti. Moreover, it is also very convenient to get a motorboat and divving equipments for scuba diving at dive shops around the island. This program is possible both for both beginning and professional divers. If you are planning to make a sightseeing tour around the group island, charter a boat for a day and you can easily do it within one day with no haste.
Koh Phi Phi Don has two beaches that turn their backs against each other, with only a narrow sand bar and a line of coconut trees in the middle. The two beaches are Ao Ton Sai and Ao Lo Dalam. This special feature is quite famous because it gives very impressive scenery, especially when looked from the view spot on the hill. And this is why it is ranked on of the ten world best scenery, together with the scenery of Koh Nang Yuan in Surat Thani. In order to get to that beauty spot to watch the whole scenery from high angle, just walk uphill along the sloped route for around half an hour.
Ao Ton Sai: Ao Ton Sai is the main pier of Koh Phi Phi Don, and thus the center of tourism of the island. Apart from the boats of touring agencies, there are also many taxi motorboats waiting for tourists here. Ao Ton Sai is approximately 2km long. The beach is wide, beaut
iful and shady with coconut trees. The both ends of the bay further from the harbor are all very good for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling. If you want to do scuba diving, the western end proves to be a fantastic spot where are plenty of colorful reefs and anemone.
Ao Lo Dalum: Ao Lo Dalum is a large bay right opposite to Ao Ton Sai. The sand is very fine and the bay stretches about 1km long. This extremely wide sandy beach is very shallow and the sea is claim, so it is very suitable for a swim or any beach sports. Therefore, ones can enjoy many sea activities here, for instance, kayaking, parasailing, and riding banana boat. Since Ao Lo dalum and Ao Ton Sai are in walking distance, no wonder it is also popular among both fereign and Thai tourists.
7 Koh Phi Phi Ao Ton Sai – Ao Lo Dalum of Koh Phi Phi - One of the Top Ten World Best Scenery

Haat Yao: is a beach approximately 1km long. In that east there is a pile of stones called Hin Pae, which is a marvelous spot both for skin and scuba diving. Further from Haat Yao is another bay called Ao Le Mu Dee. It is a quiet and beautiful beach that is suitable for a swim.
Ao Rantee: is a small bay with abundant coral reefs which is good for snorkeling. Further from this beach are another two quiet bays called Ao Yong Ka Sem and Ao Lo Ban Kao which are quite fair for both swimming and diving.
Laem Tong: is the one and only residential area of the island. At around the cape are some fantastic coral reefs for a keen diver.
Other attractions on Koh Phi Phi Le
Tham Viking: is a cave where swallows nest and the bird-nest concession is officially granted here.
Ao Pi Le: is a curved bay in the north of the island. The area is wonderful with emerald green water surround almost
completely by limestone mountains, so that it looks like a hall similar to Koh Hong. However, the water here is quite deep and not suitable for swimming.
Ao Maya: is the only sandy beach, and is the most beautiful spot on Koh Phi Phi Le. The sand is fine and clean, and the sea Is very clear. From this beauty, Ao Maya used to be the location of the famous movie “The Beach”. So make sure you do not miss this beach if you come to Koh Phi Phi.
Ao Lo Sama: is a small and serene beach with plenty of coral reefs suitable for both snorkeling and scuba diving.

Apart from these beaches and bays, ones can also visit many islands nearby like Koh Mai Pai, Koh Yung, and Koh Pida Nok, Koh Pida Nai, and Hin Klang.

ACCOMMODATIONS: You can find many styles of accommodations on the island, especially at Ao Ton Sai and Ao Lo Dalam. Moreover, plenty of restaurants and bars are also available along the two beach.
TO GET THERE: There are boat services from Krabi tourist pier (Khlong Ji Lard Pier) which is approximately 2km away from Krabi town. Moreover, you can also board a boat from chao Fah pier and Ao Nang, the journey usually takes 1.00 and 2.30 hours respectively.
Koh Phi Phi can be reached by boat either from Krabi or Phuket. In downtown Krabi tourists can take a boat at Chaofa pier. The boat leaves for Ko Phi Phi daily. Boat tickets are available at the pier or from travel agents in the town. It takes about 2 and a half hours for the journey. The fare is about 150 baht per person. Regular boats from Ao Nang to Koh Phi Phi are also available.

Please contact TAT Krabi Office (Tel: (075)612740) for current information.
8 Koh Muk - The Emerald Cave at Koh Muk, The Gem of Trang SeaThe traditional way to enter The Emerald cave is to float from the outside along the 80m long water channel to the pond inside.
Location: The Emerald Cave is located at Koh Muk, toward the northwest of Haat Chao Mai National Park, in Koh Li Bong sub-district, Knatang district, Trang province.

Koh Muk is the third largest island of Trang and is pretty close to the main land. This island is in the sphere of Haat Chao Mai National Park. Most of the island are a number of towering cliffs in the west with some flat area at the eastern side where the fishermen build their community. There are two beaches at this area called Haat Hua Laem and Ao Pangka. Approximately 3.5km from the dock at Haat Hua Laem, there is also a small beach called Haat Farang (foreigner beach), which is a very peaceful beach with a resort. Along this coastline of Koh Muk, it is pretty safe and suitable for a swim, whereas the cape at the northern tip has plenty of seaweed so that it is an important feeding ground of the rare manatee. To travel around Koh Muk, tourists can either walk, rent a bicycle or a motorbike and drive along the narrow road around the island. The Emerald Cave or Tham Morakot is the true gem of the Andaman Sea. Located in the west of the island, the cave is completely surrounded by towering cliffs, but with an open top. The water channel, however, connects the sea and the pond inside this cave together, so this is a kind of water cave or Tham Nam. Also, there is a small yet wonderful sandy beach about 50m long

When the sea level gets really low, you can kayak through the hole and enter Tham Morakot; but an easier way is to simply water a life jacket and float in along the rope. After going through a winding water channel, ones will be rewarded with the wondrous beauty of the cave. The towering hall with no roof enables you to see the clear sky, white the ground you are standing on is pure, fine sandy beach, and in front of you is and unbelievably green bond which will turn even greener when the sunlight shines down in it.

AROUND KOH MUKAlthough most of the visitors tend to come here mainly to visit the emerald cave or Tham Morakot, it is good to know that there are many other places around the island that are worth a visit too. You can get to all the beaches by starting at the main road at Ban Koh Muk pier, which is the center of transportation on the island. Followings are only some of our recommendations.
Ao Hua Non: Located in the east of Koh Muk, Ao Hua Non is a beautiful and quiet beach that is nice for a stroll. Being close to the residential area and the harbor of the locals, however, this beach is not suitable for swimming.
Haat Hua Laem Phrao: Located in the east of the island, Haat Hua Laem Phrao is a bit further from the dock that serves as the main pier. The beach is of fine and clean sand, clear and shallow sea, and rows of coconut trees. At the front of the beach are ranges of seaweed that is one of the manatees’ favorites.
Ao Tham Yai: Located close to the entrance of Tham Morakot, Ao Tham Yai has plenty of wonderful coral reefs and it is a fantastic spot for diving and kayaking.
Haat Farang: Haat Farang is a white and shallow sandy beach. It is very popular among foreign tourists that it gets such name which means the foreigner beach. From Ban Koh Muk pier, there is a concrete road (with dirt road at some part) to this beach, so you can either walk or ride a motorbike here.
Ban Koh Muk Villages: Located in the east of the island between Haat Hua Laem and Ao Pangka is Ban Ao Klang and Ban Koh Muk. The two villages are Thai Muslim communities and the locals here earn a living mainly by catching fish and squids, and keeping rubber farms and coconut rarms.
There are many choices of accommodations on Koh Muk, as well as restaurants and shops. So if you have some time, we recommend that you spend some nights on the island to fully appreciate this heaven island. However, those who have only one day can still stay overnight at Trang town and come to visit Koh Muk within one day. The easiest way is to buy a one-day touring package in Trang town. Most of the programs will cover a visit to the emerald cave and the nearby islands like Koh Chuak, Koh Waen, Koh Ma, and Koh Kradan. The package normally includes transportation from your hotel equipment, lunch, and drink.

Travel egenciess:
-Li Bong Travel: 075-214676 ,081-6068530,086-2665054
- K K Travel and Tour : TEL. 075- 211198, 075 - 223664 FAX 075- 211441
MOBILE: 081 – 894 5955

- Wattana Park Hotel
Address : 315/7 Huayyod Rd. A.Muang Trang 92000Phone : (075)216216, 217217
Fax : (075)216111, 223000
E-mail :
Location : Located in the heart of Trang CityOn the way to Huayyod DistrictDistance from Trang Airport10 KMS (10 minutes by car)Distabce from Trang Railway Station 3 KMS ( 5 minutes by car) diving
- Pak Meng Resort (Haat Pak Meng) : 60/1 Moo4, Maifad, SikaoTRANG 92150, THAILAND Tel : +66(0)75-274112, +66(0)75-203031Fax +66(0)75-274111
- Koh Mook Charlie Beach Resort : 2/39 Montree Road, Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand.
Tel. 66-76-356032 Fax : 66-76-356033
Koh Mook Office : 164 Moo 2, Koh Mook, Kantang, Trang 92110 Thailand. Tel. 66-75-203281, 203282 Fax : 66-75-203283

From Trang Town, there are two ways you can get to Koh Muk.
1. Board a passenger at Kuan Thung pier: From Trang town, ride a bus Trang-Kuan Thung Ku for about 9km. The passenger boat leaves this pier to Koh Muk once a day at 08.00am, and back from Ao Pangka pier at Koh Muk at 03.00pm. The journey takes around 30 minutes and the boat fee is (about or more than) 40 baht. If you cannot make it by the time in this schedule, you can also charter a whole motorboat which costs around 400 baht.
2. Charter a boat from Haat Pak Meng: From Trang town, ride a bus Trang-Si Kao (Pak Meng pier) for about 38km. At this pier, you can charter a whole motorboat to Koh Muk or even right to the emerald cave. The journey takes about 40 minutes and the boat service usually costs 1,500 -1,800 baht per day.

9 Koh Khai - The Enormous Archway by the SeaIf you are traveling to Koh Adang, Koh Rawai, or Koh Li Pe, the boat will run pass Koh Tarutao and Koh Khai. Its wonderful mellow-yellowish beach and the stony archway could be seen even from a great distance.

Location: between Koh Tarutao and Koh Adang-Rawi, approximately 15km westward from Koh Tarutao
Koh Khai is one of the 51 islands in the area of Mu Koh Tarutao National Marine Park. The name Koh Khai (meaning “egg island”) derives from the fact that its sandy beach has the color of eggshell, plus it is also the major turtle’s egg-laying site of the area.

Although Koh Khai is only a small island in the middle of the two major islands, Koh Tarutao and Koh Adang-Rawi, it has a very unique characteristic that becomes the symbol of tourism of Satun province. That is the strangely large story archway that stretches into the sea. Have a good look at it and you will agree that the nature has sculpted it so well and so amazingly indeed.
Close to Koh Khai is another island called Koh Klang. It is a grand island with only lush forests but not a single beach.

Koh Adang 
Koh adang is the largest island of Mu Koh Adnag-Rawi. It is the location of Ranger Unit, so you can find tourist center, some lodging houses, tent ground, and restaurants here. The most beautiful beach of Koh Adang is Haat Laem son, where the sand is white and the sea suitable for a swim. From here, you may also walk to Namtok Chone Salad which is a waterfall around 2km away as well.
From Haat Laem Son, there is a pathway uphill to the cliff called Pha Chado, which serves as a nice view spot over Koh Li Pe, Koh Tarutao, and Koh Langka wi of Malaysia.
Koh Rawi
Apart from the white sandy beaches, Koh Rawi also has rocky beaches, and in the middle of the island are wild forests, high hills, and steep cliffs. The highlights of Koh Rawi are Haat Sai Khao, or the white sandy beaches, Namtok Chon Long Le, a fall runs directly out at the sea in the south of the island, and a cape called Laem Tan Yong Barbi located in the west of the island which serves as the best spot for fishing.
Koh Tarutao
Located around 22km from Pakbara Port, Koh Tarutao is the biggest island of Satun. It is an island with abundant forest, beautiful beaches and wonderful sea. Followings are the famous attractions of Koh Tarutao.

Ao Pante Malaka is a 2-kilometer-long beach located in the northwest of the island. This bay is the center of transportation on Kho Tarutao, and from here you can walk uphill to Pha Toh Bu view spot in order to watch brilliant scenery, especially during the sunset.
Ao Mao Lae is a one-kilometer-long beach with peaceful atmosphere and clear sea.
Ao Son is located in the west of the island. It is the location of Ao Son Park Ranger Unit and is the turtle nesting site. From here, there are trekking paths to two waterfalls named Namtok Lu Du, and Namtok Lo Po, both of which are hidden in the middle of rich forests.
Ao Talo Wow: Located in the east of the island, Ao Talo Wow is historically significant because it used to be the prisoner’s occupation center. Nowadays, Ao Talo Wow is the locations of Talo Wow Ranger Unit, and you can stay overnight here to watch the best sunrise on Koh Tarutao.
Ao Talo Udang: Located in the south of the island, this bay is historically significant, but right now only signboard and ruins of the constructions remain. Ao Talo Udang is also the closest point to Koh Langka Wi of Malaysia.

There are no accommodations for tourists since it is prohibited to stay overnight on this island. Besides, no any freshwater sources are found on Koh Khai. So travelers could visit the island only during the daytime.

In order to get to Koh Khai, the most convenient way is to buy a touring package, since the passenger boats from Pakbara pier to Koh Tarutao will only run pass Koh Khai but will not stop at the island. If you come in group, however, the best choice is to charter a whole boat from Pakbara pier to this island or any others as you please.

10 Koh Hin Ngam - The Amazing Black Stony Beach
This is the one and only island at Satun sea that does not have a single sandy beach, only a marvelous beach full of pebbles.
Location: around 2.5km away from Koh Adang
Koh Hin Ngam means the island with beautiful stones. Although it is just a small island, it is unique because there is no sandy beach here, but a black stony beach instead. These stones are all black, round, and smooth. Nobody knows where these stones come from, but it is surely a very fascinating sight. This is why the island must be included in all of the touring programs of Satun Sea.
Right now, the beauty of the beach seems to attract so many tourists, so that a sign ‘do not pick these pebbles home’ is set up in order to reserve it. So when you visit this island, please help us by keeping the beauty of this beach only in your photograph and memory.
Between Koh Li Pe and Koh Hin Ngam is Koh Jabang, a small island that is famous for the underwater world. Thus, it is considered one of the best diving sites in Satun.

ATTRACTIONS NEAR KOH HIN NGAMKoh Jabang: If you are not familiar with the place, you might not notice any outstanding features about Koh Jabang at all. From outside, it just looks like an ordinary pile of stone. But actually the marine world of this island is exceptionally beautiful, for around Koh Jabang are ranges of soft coral reefs you can see simply by skin diving. The coral reefs here are said by many expert divers to be the world-class quality.
Koh Li Pe: Located around 40km southward of Koh Tarutao, Koh Li Pe is a flat island, so it is pretty easy to walk from one beach to another here. Moreover, Koh Li Pe is the center of traveling for those who wants to visit Mu Koh Adang-Rawi.
Haat Chao Le is a hundred-long beach with ranges of coconut trees. It is the front of the island and is the nearest spot to Koh Adang.
Haat Pattaya 2 is a very clean and beautiful semicircle beach. There are some accommodations, restaurants, touring service, and diving equipments for rent here. Also, this beach is the best site to watch sunset scenery.
Koh Adand: At Koh Adang, there is a white clean sandy beach stretching for hundreds of meters, named Haat Laem Son. There is a walking path from this beach to Pha Chado view spot on the hill, and from here you can also get to Namtok Chon Salad, a beautiful waterfall surrounded in the lush forest.
Koh Lor Guai: The special feature of Koh Long Guai is the clean sandy beach that looks like a cape, sticking out into the sea. The very spot is so close to Koh Dong that it seems possible to swim across to the opposite island, which is approximately a hundred meters away.

ACCOMMODATION: Since Koh Hin Ngam is just a small island for a brief visit, there are no facilities or accommodations on the island. Most of the visitors, therefore, choose to spend the night at Koh Li Pe and come to visit this island during the daytime.

TO GET THERE: Hire a motorboat from Koh Li Pe. The journey takes around 20 minutes. Before reaching this island, you will also pass a small island called Koh Jabang.

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